What’s the vibe?

One thing New York does very well is great restaurants in improbable locations. Case in point is Yuji Ramen, a tiny spot on a quiet residential street in Brooklyn that looks like it could be someone’s front room. Inside there’s just a few seats at the wooden bar in front of the small kitchen and a couple of tables dotted around the room. Expect to wait for a seat but things do move quickly and they’ll text you when your table is ready.

What to order?

In keeping with the slightly unlikely location, Yuji doesn’t serve your regular ramen, instead focusing on some more unusual variations not often see outside of Japan, including mazeman, which is a ramen without the broth. We’d recommend staring with some pickled vegetables and a glass of Kura sake which is made in Brooklyn, before ordering one mazeman and one ramen. From the former, we loved the uni version served with miso and orange zest (get an extra egg in there too) and from the latter, the tunakotsu, with a clear fishy broth and tuna belly is an absolute winner. If you’re after something different in the ramen stakes, Yuji is the place to be.

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