your own personal courier

Been at a party and the hosts have run out of booze. Left your phone charger at a mates and have to spend the day clinging onto 7%. Having a BBQ in the park and forgot your sausages. Left your keys at the office and remembered while cycling home. It’s happened to us all and is where a personal courier could really come in handy…so what if we told you that someone could shop, pickup and drop-off whatever you need at the tap of a button. Meet Quiqup, the London-based delivery service aims to deliver anything in the capital in less than an hour. They can swing by your friends, office or any high street shop and pickup exactly what you need, and if something changes along the way you can contact and track your Quiqee in real time through the app.

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Quipup will help free up your time – something that every Londoner needs, and will move anything you need from A to B. So what are you waiting for, sign up here for £10 off your first order, which could save you a trip or two…