You’ll Soon be Able to Catch Clap in Knightsbridge

No not that kind of clap, this one is a restaurant from Dubai

Obviously, clap doesn’t have the same connotations abroad because it’s the name of a Japanese restaurant in Dubai, Riyadh and Beirut, one that is making its way over to the capital, hot on the heels of another UAE import Gaia. Opening in Knightsbridge in January, Clap will be spread across three floors, including a cafe, a dining room with an open kitchen and a rooftop terrace.

Clap bills itself as a ‘sensory Japanese dining experience’, which, for London, will include a range of sushi and sashimi alongside dishes like:

  • Hokkaido scallops & foie gras
  • pistachio-crusted baby chicken with yuzu & daikon
  • wagyu beef tartare & biwa caviar
  • roasted tarama king crab leg
  • sea bass amapeño

The cocktail list follows the same line, with the bar shaking up serves like the Tokashi-Gawa (with truffle, tequila, mezcal, lapsang souchong, oabika, pickled radish, jasmine and passionfruit infusion) and the Detective Conan (with shochu, pisco, yuzu juice, cascara tea, grapefruit cordial, clarified milk, maraschino & blue spirulina).

Given that it’s coming from Dubai and landing in Knightsbridge, Clap isn’t exactly going to be a cheap eat so come armed with that credit card.

Opens Fri 12th January 2024
12-14 Basil Street, London SW3 1AJ