Just when we thought the taco was old (but still delicious) news, the new Japanese-Mexican restaurant, Los Mochis has a Gangster Taco menu. Our interest is piqued. Not only by the curious cultural mashup, but also by the idea of a suped-up take on one of London’s favourite dishes. 

First things first: the food has distinct Mexican leanings with Japanese touches. Think tacos stuffed with miso black cod, pickled cabbage and crispy onions; or Korean fried chicken, Napa cabbage, spicy pickled cucumber… and pico de gallo and poblano sauce. Not your conventional pairing, but we’ll most definitely take it. 

See, we told you they were suped-up. And there are a whopping 22 new takes on a taco to choose from. We’re not sure we’d be able to eat them all, but we’re telling you now we’d give it a damn good go. Elsewhere Mexican cooking still steals the limelight, with ceviche, tiraditos and tostados, not to mention quesadillas. But we also spotted some maki rolls on the menu, in case that’s more what you’re looking for.

Mezcal tasting flights take centre stage on the drinks list, as does the Late Night Martini: Ocho Blanco tequila, lychees, vanilla, lemongrass, lime, jalapenos. Spicy.

Opens in November 2020
Farmer Street, London W8 7SN