A Tip for Trussell is a new initiative that will see restaurants add a £1 donation to diners’ bills

We’ve seen similar from the likes of Streetsmart and #lovefoodgivefood, and now the Trussell Trust will give restaurants the chance to support UK food banks by signing up for A Tip for Trussell. Starting this month, the annual scheme will work with restaurants all over the country to allow their customers to add an extra £1 onto their bill, which will go towards the Trussell Trust’s work in keeping their 1300 food banks running and providing vital supplies to those in need.

In December, food inflation shot up to 13.3% (from 12.4% in November) according to the British Retail Consortium, which is the highest inflation rate in the food category since the BRC began recording the data in 2005. The Trussell Trust’s service had already been in high demand before the latest cost of living crisis emerged in late 2021, having sent out a record 1.9 million food supplies to people in urgent need between April 2019 and March 2020. But they’ve provided close to that number in half the time over the past year, having delivered 1.3 million food parcels in the last six months. In addition to that, food bank usage overall has increased by over 50% since 2018.

The Trussell Trust is campaigning for Downing Street to take urgent action to end the need for emergency food, having issued a letter back in October, but the need for immediate support is clearly crucial. So, to help keep it coming, Nick Gibson of The Drapers Arms worked with the team to set up A Tip for Trussell, about which Nick has said, “In the restaurant industry we are in the business of feeding and looking after people because that is what gives us joy – a key part of that is of course that there are people lucky enough to enjoy eating and drinking as a leisure activity. It is especially offensive to those of us who do that to think that there are people who simply cannot afford to eat at all.”

Restaurants that want to get involved can do so by contacting