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You can rent everything from cars to handbags these days, but have you ever thought about renting art? Why Not Art is a platform revolutionising the contemporary art world by offering unique rental plans for original artworks. By removing that intimidating gallery experience and those hefty price tags (prices start at just £14 a month), Why Not Art means you can easily jazz up your home and will deliver the artwork to your door in just a few taps.

The thing we REALLY love about Why Not Art though is the fact you don’t have to commit to the art. In the past, you would have to spend a fortune and if you went off it, tough, BUT now you can rent something and not just for the love of the piece, but for so many more reason. Say you want to pimp up your house up as you were putting it on the market, that statement piece on the wall will do the job. Want to impress your guests at a big dinner party, here’s your answers. Even changing your art up every so often sounds fun to us, But what happens if you really fall in love with a piece? Well, you can buy it – 60% of your rent saves as a voucher that can be used to buy art.

And you can give it a go, because we’ve got one totally free six-month artwork rental for any artwork in the Why Not Art collection, up for grabs. Just drop us your email for a chance to win and we’ll sort out the rest.

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With landscapes, street art and everything in between, Why Not Art really do have something for everyone. So go on take a browse and inject a bit of life into your home.

Terms & Conditions
The prize is a gift card for £300 (artwork rental price up to £50/month) that can be used towards a rental of any any piece in the collection.
The card may be used towards a six month rental only.
The card will be treated as an equivalent to a cash payment, so the winner will also build towards a voucher of up to £180 at the end of the six month rental.
The voucher, following the conclusion of the rental, can be used to purchase any artwork in the collection, and will not expire.
Contestants must be residents of the United Kingdom.
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