We all know living a hectic London can take its toll on your body, making it harder to unwind and relax. Thankfully FLY LDN has got us covered with their new Chill yoga sessions. Based in Aldgate, FLY LDN offers a selection of different yoga and pilates classes with a unique twist; it’s the first studio in London to offer immersive yoga classes, which involve a cinematic screen and atmospheric music that really set the tone. Why just do yoga when you can be transported to the beach complete with the sounds of crashing waves?

Their new Thursday evening, £20 Chill class is a candle-lit restorative yoga class, which involves a series of mat based postures. The aim of the class is to not only to get you to completely zen out but to really stretch the muscles, joints and fascia too. This was our first time experiencing a restorative yoga class, and it’s fair to say after having the best nights sleep we’ve had for a long time, we’re impressed.

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24 Creechurch Lane, London EC3A 5EH