We are back with Yes Chef Season 3….season bloody three, where does time go? In the first episode Ben and Jordan head into the lovely home of feel-good-food cook and writer Melissa Hemsley. It’s not the conventional Yes Chef chit chat as Melissa is armed with a distracting amount of chocolate and asks more questions than a customs officer, but you are in for a treat with this hugely insightful episode that covers championing food, restaurants and finding your passion as well as taking a few chaotic turns along the way.

So whether you get the podcast on whilst relaxing, jogging or wallpapering your spare room, hit that play button.

If you’re new to Yes Chef, it’s a podcast where we chat to some of our favourite chefs and foodies and uncover their journey into food. Over the first two seasons we’ve chatted to Tom Brown, Adam Handling, Andi Oliver, Chantelle Nicholson, Selin Kiazim, James Cochran, Max Halley, Gizzie Erskin, Ben Murphy, Vivek Singh and Calum Franklin. Go on, dig in. Bon App.

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