Ladies and gentlemen, does this chef and award-winning food writer need an introduction? We think not, but we’re nice so we’ll do one anyway. Gizzi Erskine is our second guest on this season’s Yes Chef podcast where she invited Ben and Jordan for breakfast in her very own home…it’s lovely and she’s got a leopard print sofa.

This episode dives into all sorts including the importance of sustainability, how we should be more conscious about eating less meat, and knowing more about where the food we eat is sourced from. Passions run high, Jordan gets his glasses cleaned and Gizzi talks about her amazing journey with food and some of the exciting things that lie ahead.

If you haven’t already, check out Gizzi’s latest cookbook SLOW: Food Worth Taking Your Time Over – the flageolet bean, anchovy confit garlic and rosemary gratin is out of this world. Oh and the makhani dhal too.

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