We headed on down to Clapham Common for this episode of Yes Chef to chat to Adam Byatt who has three restaurants in the area. He’s got the Michelin-starred Trinity, it’s more relaxed counterpart Upstairs (which is surprise, surprise, right above Trinity) and the casual Bistro Union. Hear how Adam got into the world of food, made his mark as part of the community in Clapham and put his stamp on the London restaurant scene.

If you’re new to Yes Chef, it’s a podcast where we chat to some of our favourite chefs and foodies and uncover their journey into food. Over the first two seasons, we’ve chatted to Tom Brown, Adam Handling, Andi Oliver, Chantelle Nicholson, Selin Kiazim, James Cochran, Max Halley, Gizzie Erskine, Ben Murphy, Vivek Singh and Calum Franklin. Go on, dig in. Bon App.

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