What’s the vibe?

Xi’an Famous Foods is one of New York’s most successful mini-chains. It started life out in Flushing in Queens and now has branches all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. Whichever one you go to, it’s a no frills environment with ordering done at the counter and your number is called when your food is ready. It’s cheap and cheerful and perfect for a quick meal.

xi'an famous foods

What to order?

Given the speed and cheap prices the quality of food at Xi’an Famous Foods is pretty amazing. It’s probably not the best Chinese food you’re ever going to eat but you can have a really good meal here for about $15 per person which in New York is not to be sniffed at. Hand-ripped noodles are made fresh in house and they’re the star of the show – try our favourite, the spicy cumin lamb version. Don’t miss out on the smashed cucumber salad or the spicy and sour dumplings either.

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