Feel like you need a little extra fitness motivation as summer draws to a close? How about a 21 Day Challenge at a gym voted one of the best in the world? We decided to give it a go and, spoiler alert, we’re absolutely hooked.  

What’s the story?
Every month, The Foundry opens 20 spaces at each of their gyms to take part in the famous 21 Day Challenge. The package offers unlimited classes and 6 small group training sessions, delivered by top-class coaches in a genuinely warm and welcoming environment. And what’s better, all of this is available at a massively discounted introductory rate. 

What is included in the Challenge?

  • Individualised assessment – before the challenge you’ll meet a coach to talk through your training history, injuries and discuss your fitness goals. It’s also the chance to take some measurements (if you want!) to demonstrate progress down the line. Note: this is not as daunting as it sounds, the coaches are non-judgemental and very supportive.
  • Unlimited fitness classes – take part in as many 45 min Sweat and Strong classes as you can face throughout the 21 days. For Strong, think pull-ups, farmer’s walks, prowler pushes, dumbbell cleans and log presses. For Sweat, throw in some Ski Ergs and Assault Bikes for good measure. You will be pushed and you will get sweaty.
  •  6 x semi-private PT sessions – these small group sessions allow for 1:1 attention at an affordable price and give you the extra camaraderie of a group environment. We thought we knew how to do squats before SPT. Turns out we didn’t. 
  • Nutritional advice – you’ll receive a comprehensive pack of nutritional advice to complement your training throughout the challenge.
  • Assigned coach – you’ll be assigned a member of the team who will be your go-to person for any questions you have during your time at The Foundry. 

What makes it different?
The Foundry is a world-renowned gym, full of coaches and staff at the top of their game. It is also probably the most welcoming fitness community that we’ve been part of in London. The environment is supportive, friendly and genuinely motivational. Every time we train at The Foundry we learn something new and get pushed a little bit further than we knew we could go. 

How was our experience?
We loved it so much that we’ve decided we simply can’t live without The Foundry in our lives, so we’ve signed up for a membership. Can’t say much more than that, really. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the September Challenge here.

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