the world’s first ice-bath pub is opening

There’s no better feeling than jumping into the tub at the end of a long day with a cold beer…and now you can do that in a pub, with an ice cold-bath and it’s gonna be just as good right?! Yes, Amstel are opening the world’s first cold tub pub, where you can take the plunge and relax in an ice-bath (for up to 30 minutes!!) while sipping a beer – or if you’re like us you’ll be downing the beer and getting right outta there. But if you’ve just cycled the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100, you might enjoy it and after all that’s who the tubs are really there for…Cyclist or not you can book a dip here and claim your free beer, just be prepared to freeze your balls off!

[maxbutton id=”15″ url=”″ text=”GET FREE TICKETS” ] Sat 29th- Sun 30th July 2017
Unit 30, Royal Opera Arcade, London SW1Y 4UY