The cult pizzeria has announced that they’ve landed a spot at Netil Market

Summer 2020: a pandemic had hit, we’d learned an uncomfortable truth about how many people *really* wash their hands and heard a lifetime’s worth of the word ‘unprecedented’. It’s also when Gordos launched their delivery service and became a quick East London favourite with their killer collab pizzas and signature baggies of dried chilli flakes.

Fast forward to 2023 and after an opening, a closure, a name change and countless pop-ups, World Famous Gordos has announced that they’ll be setting up shop inside Hackney’s Netil Market. The pizzeria’s latest iteration will be a classic NYC slice shop, with a three-slice regular menu featuring marinara, Margherita and everything bagel crust pepperoni (in partnership with the bagel guys).

In addition to those pies, in true Gordos style, there’ll be a programme of collabs with other chefs and brands which’ll kick off with South London-based Ten Ten Tacos. East Londoners and Gordos go together like everything bagel seasoning on a pizza crust, so we reckon this’ll be one hot slice shop. Who knows, they might even be the challengers that queue-prone Pockets have been waiting for.

Opens July 2023
13-23 Westgate St, London E8 3RL