If you are looking to find a position quickly in London, there are several steps you can take to expedite the process. Of course, the most important step is to create a powerful CV that sums up your skills, education, experience, and qualifications. If you aren’t sure how to create a compelling CV, check out some CV examples for inspiration.

Ensure You Have Any Necessary Visas

First, ensure that you have any necessary visas in order to work in London. Of course, if you are a UK native, you will not need to take this step. Otherwise, research which visas apply to you and how to obtain them. Employers will be much more likely to hire you quickly if you already have your visa and/or work permit in order.

Write or Update Your CV and Cover Letter

If you don’t already have a general CV and cover letter written, you’ll need to craft one. Even if you do already have these documents ready, you’ll likely want to take time to refresh and update them. And, while it does take a bit of extra time, you will likely have much better luck scoring interviews if you tailor your CV and cover letter to each position that you apply for. Be sure to mention the company name and the exact position that you are applying for on your CV and in your cover letter.

Additionally, read the job posting carefully and identify keywords that the employer uses to describe what they are looking for in a candidate. Then use these same keywords throughout your application to show the employer that you’ve read the advert carefully and you are qualified for the position.

Search For Companies That Are Hiring Immediately

You can use online job search platforms to search for London companies that are hiring immediately, such as Jobseeker, Indeed, Monster, and so forth. While it may still take a while to get hired, specifically looking for companies that are hiring right away can help speed up the process.

Use a Recruiting Agency

You may also wish to use a recruiting agency to help you find a good fit quickly. No matter your level of experience or your job skills, recruiting agencies have their fingers on the pulse of the job market and a recruiter can help direct you to suitable openings. They can also offer you feedback and advice on your CV and cover letter to boost your chances of getting called for an interview.

Go Door to Door With Your CV

Finally, you can go door to door with copies of your general CV in your hand. This method will likely only be fruitful for entry-level positions, such as working at a pub, cafe, or restaurant. However, employers in the service industry often deal with high turnover rates and challenges with finding and retaining good workers. So, you may be able to score a position very quickly, especially if you have some experience in the food or hospitality industry.