Natty wines went wild during the first lockdown – there’s even a sweater to prove it – and now we’re back in another one for what looks like a whole lot longer, there’s no better time to dive deeper into some funky bottles. We’ve teamed up with self-described “lifelong hospitality veteran”, Top Cuvée co-founder Brodie Meah, to pick out the best natural wines to pair with your food deliveries. After pivoting to Shop Cuvée during lockdown and winning one of our much coveted Lockdown awards, Brodie is now sending out hundreds of online wine orders and doing a wine subscription service, so you know he’s only picking out the good stuff.

Pizza | Charpenay Blanc

If you love an 18 inch (who doesn’t?) then you’re gonna be well into this cloudy Chardonnay which goes perfect with a loaded pie –  the punchy acidity combats the rich cheese. Brodie orders his pies from his Finsbury Park neighbours Yard Sale but the same rule applies for all good pizza.


Indian | Wilder Satz

For a ruby murray, Wilder Satz or “Field Blend” is a match made in heaven. The wine is a mix of different grapes from the region in Pfalz where the Brand Brothers make wine. They add some lees (leftover yeast particles) to each bottle and encourage you to “shake & wait” to mix it all through and replicate the flavour of tasting from the barrel.


Fish & Chips | Ancestral

Fish & Chips deserve an elegant sparkling white like this Ancestral, Saint Laurent from Claus Pressinger. Acid and fizz to cut through the fat but delicate enough not to cover up the beauty of flaky white fish. Totes boujee.


Burgers | Forks And Knives

For a juicy burger, you’re gonna need a juicy tipple. This great-value fruit forward Pinot Noir from cult Czech producer Milan Nestarec is so fruity you can convince yourself you’re actually having a balanced dinner.


Thai | Rabari

Reisling, obviously a classic pairing with spicy food is always a good idea with Thai. It works even better when there’s zero sulphur as the aromatics really run wild and go so well with spicy Thai broths and salads.


Turkish | Les Pierres Noires

Grilled meat and Gamay are excellent bedfellows. Les Pierres Noires from famed Auvergne Valley grower Jean Maupertuis is Brodie’s personal favourite. Gamay d’Auvergne tends to pack a bit more punch that those from Beaujolais and beyond.


Chinese | Holy Chapel

Usually Brodie gets pork from the Chinese so Pinot Blanc is his go-to.  This one, again from Brand Brothers, is a personal favourite, this time showcasing a single variety and vineyard site.


Japanese | Whistles

Can you really beat a crisp lager with Japanese food? Brodie says not and Whistles IPA from Villages brewery in Deptford is his go to crispy boy.