Summer is in full swing but if your outside space isn’t quite up to scratch yet, Window Fleur is here to help. The window box company make it easy for you to have fresh flowers on your balconies or window sills season after season, with zero fuss and zero mess – yes that means no trips to the garden centre, no messing around with big bags of compost and no need to find somewhere for a trowel to live. Instead all you need to do is drop in one of Window Fleur’s ready-planted Blooms Bags into your window box and then step back and admire the view. It really is that easy.

The Bloom Bags are filled with different flowers each season, so you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of blooms throughout the year, and their sturdy skins means they can hold a wider range of plants that last longer. The bags come in three different sizes so they can fit any box you own and they’re biodegradable too, so when it comes to do the seasonal swap (you get a choice of two curated selections), you can leave the old ones to break down in your compost heap or recycling bin.

If you want to brighten up your balcony or give your window ledge a lift, we’ve got a YEAR’S Bloom Bag subscription from Window Fleur up for grabs. All you have to do to enter is like and save the below Instagram post, follow ow @londontheinside and @windowfleur, and tag your flower-loving friends in the comments. GOOD LUCK!