williejhealey LOTI

Willie J Healey makes the sort of music that makes you feel like he’s your oldest buddy. His previous releases have been laced with a certain sort of sharp tongued wit, and ‘Pipedreams’ is no different. It’s a bit heavier and grunge-tinged than we’ve seen him before, but still with that twanging vocal that he’s best known for.

Wondering who the old man in the video is? He’s Neal ‘The Dude’ Unger, legendary 60-year old anarchist skater. It’s the perfect backdrop for this anthem for the lackadaisical. ‘Pipedreams’ proves to be a true slacker classic sung by one of this centuries most chilled out crooners.

Pipedreams will be Willie J Healey’s first release on National Anthem, out 8th July