win an electric bike worth £999

Electric bikes are something you probably think are seriously expensive, too heavy and frankly a bit ugly, especially those who are already rolling around town on two wheels. Analog Motion, created by Nav and Jack in Hackney, is here to change all that with their swishy MODE e-bikes, which are cheaper, lighter and significantly more beaut than many others already on the market. How do we know this? Well, we’ve been whizzing around London on one, that’s how.

Electric bikes are going to become a big thing in the next few years, just you watch. Weighing just 13kg, that’s around 2kg more than a standard bike, we found it easy to lift a MODE up the stairs, hang it on a rack and basically carry it around wherever we can’t ride it. And the extra boost you can get from the motor – you get 20 miles out of each charge and it makes hill climbing an absolute breeze – is worth that tiny bit of extra weight.

Obviously, performance is the most important thing but it’s nice to look nice too. The motor is hidden in the rear wheel and the battery has been made to look like a water bottle, so the MODE bikes are super sleek just like regular bikes are…you’ll have everyone fooled until you whizz them past them of course. This ‘assist’ gives you a boost to help you take off from a standing start and there are three different modes, so you can make your ride as easy as you want.

Having been on a MODE bike for a few weeks now, our standard two wheels seems a little boring in comparison. Whizzing past cyclists, especially at traffic lights, does bring a smile to our face, keeping up with slow-moving traffic is way safer and up-hill struggles are no more. We love our MODE bike. We’re already in the future, get involved.


This is your chance to win a MODE e-bike worth £999. It’s a super light electric bike with a 20 mile range, perfect for the average London cycle commute. Just pop your name and email in below to enter.

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