why we love superfront

Having just gone through a kitchen build, we’re experts at interior design. Well, not quite. But the amount of research that the process involved has given us some amazing insight into some of the questions we had for the first time, like, where do you go if you don’t like any of the options Ikea offer? Questions like this, and many others we’ve asked ourselves and others are here to introduce you to Superfront. But first, a bit of context…

Like many, Ikea is a strong option when buying a new kitchen due to their finance options. This is was we did, however, we upgraded our worktop and sourced an independent supplier to make and fit this. This solved two problems, one it was cheaper, and two, it gave us far more options in the colour, style and finish we wanted. Read more about our worktop tips here. Now, an amazing find we were introduced to is a Scandinavian website called Superfront. What this does is take IKEA furniture and make it go from ‘urgh’ to ‘wow’. Superfront provide, handles, legs, fronts and tops for specific IKEA units. In our kitchen, we upgraded all handles to these Holy Wafer sexy numbers that are super stylish and come in brass, copper, steel and painted steel. It’s all in the details and changes like these has a significant impact on the overall desired look and feel.

[easy-image-collage id=104671]

It’s not just kitchens this applies to, take your bog standard dull, boring Ikea unit, stick some stylish legs, a front, many of which are amazing and even place a marble top and you’ve got a new bit of furniture that is a stand out masterpiece. Need some inspo…that’s easy.