Why Is Bingo So Popular In The UK?

A lot of people around the world, when thinking about the UK, imagine stereotypical aristocrats sipping tea while wearing a top hat! But another British trait which often crops up is the passion that the people living in the United Kingdom have for their bingo! Although not everybody in the UK lives in a Downton Abbey mansion, most people absolutely adore a good game of Bingo. In fact, it’s been a popular pastime for generations and even now, it’s played regularly by women and men of all ages. Players in the UK sometimes go to real world bingo halls to get their game fix, but increasingly often, they’re turning to bingo sites where they can enjoy a social experience while benefiting from promotions and deals and win real money prizes without ever leaving the comfort of their home. But, why exactly is Bingo such a popular game among the Brits?

A Nation’s Pastime

The fixation of the British on Bingo is nothing new. Even during the Second World War, bingo halls were a regular haunt for most ordinary people who wanted to forget their troubles by enjoying an evening of entertainment, food, drinks, chatting with their friends and all with a chance of scooping a jackpot. Bingo pervaded through society so thoroughly that common phrases used by bingo callers like “Two Fat Ladies” and “Key To The Door” are regularly used in everyday speech today! When television arrived in the UK population’s living rooms, many of the cinemas on high streets up and down the country were converted into bingo halls. Many of them still exist and are just as popular with players as they ever were.

Who Loves Bingo?

The game is very popular with Brits of all generations. However, the group with the deepest love of Bingo has to be older women. Despite this, many of the biggest and best known bingo companies are working hard to increase the game’s appeal. After buying large venues, they have implementing exciting new strategies which encourage people of both sexes and all ages to visit. Bingo isn’t just about crossing off numbers, it’s about having a great night out with friends. These days, there are frequently themed nights that have drag shows and drinks promotions to appeal to a bigger audience, especially younger females.

Enjoying The Online Bingo Experience 

While bricks and mortar bingo halls have stepped up their game, there is a major competitor for the nation’s Bingo players – the online providers. Many people freely admit to preferring online gameplay to actually visiting a physical bingo hall. This is a trend which has increased since the ban on smoking in public places was introduced. Keen players who loved their nicotine just as much as their bingo turned away from real world bingo halls and went online instead where they could enjoy themed experiences, great promotions and their favourite games which indulging in a cigarette or two.

Online bingo websites also offer a wealth of other advantages. Not only can players choose from the standard 90 or 75 ball games, they can also enjoy a host of other options like speed bingo and games inspired by popular TV shows or slot titles. Many fantastic prizes are also up for grabs including both material items like cars and holidays and real cash rewards. Even better, games run all day and all night, so people with family responsibilities or awkward shift patterns can enjoy their game at a time that best suits their needs.

Why Is Online Bingo Such A Hit With The Brits?

There are several reasons why people in the UK enjoy playing games of bingo online. Perhaps the top one is because they can save money by playing bingo without leaving the house. Without having to pay for a bus or taxi, and without the temptation of purchasing drinks and food at the venue, a night of bingo becomes affordable for everybody. Online games can even be played for just 1p per card – something which simply isn’t possible at real world bingo halls.

One of the biggest elements of bingo is the social aspect. It was this factor which would bring the crowds flocking to bricks and mortar venues until recently. However, now, online chatrooms have been introduced to most bingo sites and these allow players to chat and laugh with each other and to forge new friendships with bingo lovers around the country.

Also, although some top bingo venues around the county now offer slots and some arcade games alongside bingo, online players have a huge number of fun side games to pick from to keep them entertained between rounds. Players can make real money playing these games and they can enjoy the extra entertainment value into the bargain. 

The bonuses and prizes on offer from bingo websites beat those from real world bingo halls hands down. No deposit promotions and loyalty deals make a night at the bingo even better value for money, while jackpot nationwide games allow players the chance to win life-changing sums.

As people in Britain have no need to leave their home to have fantastic bingo playing entertainment at any hour of the day or night, it’s n wonder that online bingo sites have become so popular. With more sites appearing on a weekly basis, it’s never been easier to try your hand at the nation’s favourite pastime.