Online gaming is getting bigger, better and more popular every day. Nobody ever knew the demand to play games whenever you wanted could be so high.

Head to any of the leading operators and you can now find an amazing array of impressive, high-quality graphics, videos and soundtracks enticing you to play a wide range of brilliant games.

That’s why players are flocking to have fun at these sites. As business continues to boom, the value of these online casinos is soaring too.

The online gaming industry is growing so fast experts predict it is soon expected to crash through the $100 billion-worth. That size of marketplace means casinos have every motivation to keep investing and improving.

The popularity of casino games means big profits for the leading operators. And it means that they have the incentive to keep innovating and improving to stay at the top.

What are the next trends?

The next few years are going to feature a massive surge in technological and design innovation in the gaming world. All this is currently being developed behind the scenes and is funded by that first wave of popularity for online gaming.

Players have rushed to join the online casino revolution in the last few years – and now they’re about to be rewarded in terms of great new games, graphics, features and systems. 

Payment systems

At first online casinos had payments systems that were as clunky as buying a pair of shoes at an old-school internet mail-order store. There were forms to fill, ID checks and different requirements for registering cards or bank accounts.

Everything took forever and that included getting your hands on any winnings. 

Things have improved rapidly as the online casinos realised players would go to the sites that had the quickest, smoothest and most reliable payment systems. Now most systems are pretty slick.

That trend is certain to continue. Expect a boom in rapid links to cryptocurrencies that promise fast transactions that leave no trace behind.

And gamers will be re-assured as increasingly sophisticated encryption systems will make all payments foolproof and secure.  

Video gaming

The video game industry is booming too so expect the two branches of the world of escapist fun to produce more links. A range of new creative casino games are likely to be the result of that collaboration can be found at rainbowrichescasino.com.

These casino games will use narrative and interactive features that have been developed in the video game world. Slots and bingo will still be drawing in the crowds – but look out for exciting new developments in the action and adventure gaming world too.

Get virtual

Part of that creative expansion will definitely involve increased use of virtual reality technology. This has been developing swiftly behind the scenes and is now ready to hit the gaming world.

Expect a huge drop in the price of VR headsets as the number of players soars. The impact on casino games is likely to be huge.

Imagine the impact when players are able to ‘visit’ an impressive casino for a glamorous session under the chandeliers at the gaming tables – without leaving their sofa at home.

And think how much more exciting even a simple game of poker could be it you can feel the green baize table and see every movement of the dealer in front of you.

Bigger, faster, better

Access to online casinos has been slow in the past. Out of the big cities internet access speeds can be much slower. 

Rural players have had to endure freezes and buffering. It has hampered gaming dramatically.

But the increased sophistication of the devices we use for remote access – smartphones and tablets – means better connection to the games we want to play.

It also means that the devices are quicker and smoother at handling better graphics and game features.

The increasing spread and speed of networks including both 4 and 5G and wi-fi systems has seriously improved the range of material we can deal with on the move.

Game designs are working with these extending limits, trying to push the boundaries of what is possible online.

Expect devices with more computing power and networks with far more bandwidth and speed. And realise that the games will grow fast and get better and better to use every atom of this increased access speed and processing power. 

Play live

As speeds increase look out for more opportunities to play live. Games can be downloaded or accessed in a remote format – but playing live will give you a bigger buzz.

So look out for live poker sessions, streaming roulette and interactive blackjack. These games are here already and likely to spread across the online casino industry like wildfire.

The feel of gaming is likely to become much more real. And that means more fun for us players.

Expect the online casino industry to take full advantage of any new digital technology as soon as it arrives. The gaming world is now worth so much to its operators that they are highly competitive in the use of the latest ideas.

The online casinos want to reap the rewards of being first with any of the new games, technologies and systems. That’s great news for players.

It means they are going to give us all the latest developments as soon as it’s possible. All we have to do is sit back and enjoy the latest games as they evolve in front of us.