The UK is undoubtedly one of the most interesting destinations regarding online betting and casino games. Although most punters in the country are more interested in sports betting, casinos are also gaining new fans. That’s the reason why Silent bet offers a detailed review of both types of betting platforms. Going through the content will help you find the casino with the best games, features, bonuses, and loads of other perks.

Even though there are sites that only focus on casino games, most of the top-tier betting platforms provide both things. In fact, many of them started as bookmakers but added a casino section so that they could gain more customers. The casinos in the UK are slightly different than those found elsewhere, so let’s see why this is the case.

Some of the online casinos in the UK provide fewer games than their counterparts

One of the first things that online gamblers will notice once they start using a casino in the UK is the number of games. Those who’ve had access to offshore betting sites know that most casinos have thousands of titles. However, this is usually not the case in the UK.

Since local online casinos must adhere to the regulations from the UKGC, they can’t allow the same number of games. That’s because these companies work with third-party brands that do not have permission to offer their services in the country. As a result, casinos in the UK usually have fewer titles than their counterparts.

Fortunately, there is an exception because some online casinos create their own games. In this case, operators can provide significantly more options because the licensing authority will approve their titles.

Some of the bonuses from the casino categories may also apply to sports

One of the things we’ve mentioned about the betting sites in the UK is that most of them have a sportsbook and a casino section. To make a name for themselves, these companies often come up with special kinds of bonuses. Some of them are mainly focusing on existing players, but the most attractive ones are for new users.

Regardless of the casino promotion, you may want to use, the sites in the UK will probably allow you to take advantage of it even while betting on sports. In other words, it doesn’t matter which section you decide to play because the operator will allow you to choose both.

With that said, there might be one big difference regarding the bonuses that you must keep in mind, and it is related to the promo codes. While the offers for sports usually do not require such things, most casino bonuses require a special bonus code. You can learn more about it by skimming through the given offer’s T&C.

Online casinos in the UK offer better customer support

Although there are some exceptions, our experience reveals that UK online casinos provide significantly better customer support options than their counterparts. Regardless of your query, the people who work in these departments will be happy to answer and help resolve your issue.

Aside from being easier to use, the contact departments of UK’s online casinos usually have more options to pick from. In addition to the standard live chat and email services, most sites have things like phone numbers. They even use social media and offer an on-site message form that people can use to ask questions.

Some of the best casino brands in the world even offer their own forum where people can go and share their thoughts about different things. Needless to say, some users are helpful and will always try to help other players.

UK casinos usually have an affiliate program

Even though most casinos have no problems gaining new clients, they always want to achieve the best results possible. Consequently, most of the online casinos in the UK allow people to take part in their affiliate programs and promote the brand. There are other sports betting jobs and things related to promoting casinos and iGaming sites, but this one is the most popular.

Those who become a part of the affiliate group have to share their link and get people to sign up. The most successful affiliates can earn a lot of money because these affiliate programs have revenue share that can reach north of 40%. 

Sadly, becoming a success in the affiliate market is not easy, even for the most experienced marketers. It takes a lot of time and resources, so you need to be prepared.