Online betting is one of the hobbies that gain many new fans daily. Many of them are wondering which website to use, especially if they live in countries such as the UK. The good news is that Nostrabet’s official website will allow them to find what they want and use some of the best sites. The professional and in-depth reviews will help everyone because they include information about the brand’s history, payment options, bonuses, and many other things.

Although some people think that the betting sites in the UK are the same as those in other countries, this is usually not the case. Sure, there are many differences because people bet on similar things, but there are also loads of differences. That’s why we will look at some things that make the UK betting brands better than their counterparts.

The license from the local betting authority

If you are familiar with online betting in the UK, you know that the only way for an operator to offer its services in the country is to have a permit from the UKGC. Some companies try to bypass it by working under a license from another country, but their site will eventually get shut down.

The UKGC is one of the premier gambling regulators in the world and one of the big reasons why the sites in the UK are better than those elsewhere. The regulator requires every brand to adhere to loads of rules to receive the permit. Aside from proving they are legit, bookies and casinos have to complete a variety of other rules.

Everyone familiar with the UKGC knows that it is one of the few regulators that keeps an eye on every license and every operator. So, people who start betting can always contact the regulator and ask for help.

The sites in the UK are the best for horse racing and greyhounds

Everyone knows that football is the most popular sport globally and in the UK. However, almost every online bookie out there provides multiple options for this sport, which is why the UK betting sites rarely offer something that is not available elsewhere. Fortunately, this is not the case regarding horse racing and greyhounds.

There are a couple of big sports in the UK, and horse racing is definitely one of them. This option has a massive fan base all over the country. In fact, some of the best horse races in the world take place there. Apart from watching, people who like this sport are also interested in betting, which explains why bookmakers in the UK provide their clients with an impressive array of options.

Pretty much the same applies to greyhounds, even though this sport is slightly less popular than horse racing. There are still a couple of options to choose from, and some of the top-tier UK sites also provide a wide range of bonuses for these races. They can come in different forms, such as reload promotions and even free bets.

There are fewer payment options, but they rarely have any extra fees

In addition to everything mentioned in this article, one of the big differences between the sites in the UK and those found elsewhere is in the payment options. Due to the regulations from the UKGC, online bookmakers and casinos in the country are not allowed to accept payments via credit cards. As a result, many top brands no longer allow people to make deposits and withdrawals with Visa and MasterCard.

To make up for the lack of payment solutions, many companies focus more on e-wallets. PayPal and Skrill are found everywhere, but people can also use things like Neteller, ecoPayz, and many other solutions.

Unfortunately, most betting sites in the UK do not accept any kind of cryptocurrencies yet. This is a problem for some bettors because those things are becoming more popular daily. Needless to say, many people use digital currencies like Bitcoin and ETH to play.

The top-tier UK sites provide excellent customer support

The last important thing we’d like to point out is crucial for those who do not have enough experience and want to rely on the customer support team for help. Although most online betting websites offer this option, only a few are as good as the sites in the UK. The latter know that some of their clients won’t be familiar with everything because they’ve been using land-based betting shops. Hence, they want to provide them with the best possible customer experience.