wework creator awards

WeWork doesn’t just offer a snazzy workspace, but lets you join a whole community and every year they give away $20million to entrepreneurs, artists, start-ups, and nonprofits – anyone who lives by the mantra ‘Create Your Own Lives Work’ really, as part of their Creator Awards. Last month London played host to this years award ceremony, and what a party it was. Free booze, food and live music from Annie Mac, oh and lots of fascinating people. With so many interesting businesses and ideas, we wanted to share just three from the that caught our attention and might even inspire you to enter next year!

Fat Macy’s

Fat Macy’s is a social enterprise that provides opportunities to young people living in homeless shelters and help them move into their own homes. Hosting supper clubs and pop-ups, Fat Macy’s use the project’s profits to create a specified housing deposit scheme for their participants while training them in food hygiene, cooking, financial planning, curating and running events and ultimately giving them practical work experience.



Muro is a brand that creates toys that children can grow up with and won’t end up in the bin after a few months. Making it simple to create busy boards and cubes – you just add ‘plug and play’ accessories to a circular, grid-patterned board, Muro lets kids learn, create and play and as they grow you can simply change up the board. It’s that simple and you’ll probably enjoy playing around with the design of the board just as much as your kids.



Sick of brewing beer in your bathtub? Or just always wanted to give it a go? UBREW is the company for you. The open brewery doesn’t just host courses, but also let you brew your own beer. Yes, if you become a member you can have full access to the brewery and come up with your own concoction, there’s even an on-site shop you can grab the ingredients you want pick’n’mix style. With the very best stainless steel gear, a space designed to get messy and steamy and the facilities to brew 8o bottles per batch, you’ll never look back.