It’s a sunny day you’re walking along the canal, feeding the ducks and dreaming of a life on the waterways and then what’s that you spot a shopping trolley, used condom and a dead dog all in the space of 5 mins…yeah the state of our canals isn’t always that great and CRATE are hoping to do something about it. Hooking up with Thames 21’s, Love The Lea, they are hoping to bring cleaner water to what could be the picturesque Lea Valley, where you could take a dip without worrying about catching something nasty…well that’s the dream. And to help dissolve the pollution, Crate are planting a reedbed outside the bar with the aim of making our canals and rivers swimmable by 2021.

So to celebrate the first steps and planting of the reedbed, Crate are hosting a ‘Wet The Bed’ and to take the party onto the Lea, they’ve enlisted the help of Moo Canoes, SUPkiko and the Alfred Le Roy. So expect bangin’ beats, BBQ meat and meet & greets with Lea river experts, as well as paddle boarding, canoeing and of course lots of booze, it is a piss up in a brewery after all… So jump aboard and help clean our waterways by wetting the bed…

Thurs 11th August, 4pm- 10pm
Crate Brewery, Unit 7 Queen’s Yard, Hackney Wick E9 5EN