Vyayama is a 3000 year old sanskrit word meaning ‘to move’ and ‘to tame the inner breath’, and is also the name of a unique yoga brand that uses entirely natural fabrics. Focusing on quality and sustainability, Vyayama create their collections out of Tencel; an innovative fabric made from botanicals, in this case eucalyptus. Said to be softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen, Vyayama uses Tencel to balance softness and compression with moisture wicking properties to create perfect activewear.

Not only are the fabrics they use entirely renewable and super eco-friendly, but their whole production process is too. Manufacturing in Portugal, they make sure all their dye-houses have clean internal water treatments to prevent any impact on the local environment and they keep their production as local as possible. Yes, these guys have thought about everything and even took a year to develop their yoga separates to make sure everything was perfect. So when you’re in need of some new gear, forget the synthetic stuff and bag some natural threads from Vyayama.

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