Californian-based activewear brand VPL is like no other. After starting out as rebels, creating underwear to be worn as outerwear, VPL has created an activewear brand that strives to empower women to stay fit and healthy, while advocating sustainable production and ‘slow design’. Yes they are doing all the good things. By making products in small batches, VPL minimise over-consumption and by upcycling their materials they reduce fabric waste. What’s more, the money saved from the fabric utilisation also goes to VPL’s education fund that helps inspire young women across America AND they make all their products in women and minority-owned factories in America.

VPL have created a social model that proves the fashion industry can be ethical, sustainable AND create bloody great clothes. You will look good and feel good in VPL, and the first thing on our shopping list is one of those B Bras.

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