If you find the beauty world overwhelming and get sucked into buying every new product that promises to *solve world peace* then welcome to the world of Volition. Founded by Patricia Santos and Brandy Hoffman who have almost 40 years of combined experience in the industry, Volition is billed as an ‘outside-in’ beauty company. They use consumer feedback to craft new products that cater to your exact needs – measuring desirability, uniqueness and demand every step of the way. When ideas are voted in, the creators partner with top labs and chemists across the USA to create authentic, and more importantly, sought-after products.

Volition products will exclusively be available on the Cult Beauty website and include the Strawberry-C Brightening Serum; Baobab Toning Essence; Celery Green Cream and Snow Mushroom Water Serum. We like that it’s all about making products that are actually needed, and think this is an ethos that could be extended to a lot of other industries (looking at you fast fashion).