Virtual Reality is here and it’s making the impossible seemingly become possible. It’s been much-hyped, much-talked about, and questioned whether it’s all really worth the chat, but it’s transforming the way we live our lives. From playing games and immersing yourself in movies to stopping the fights to sit f-row at Fashion Week, it can instantly transport you to another place or time by simply strapping on a pair of goggles. So we’ve picked three headsets we think it’s worth investing in…

HTC Vive


HTC Vive is definitely not the cheapest headset on the market, but it comes with everything you could ever need with a headset, two base stations (which are used for tracking the headset’s movement)  and two motion controllers. And with two 1080p screens, it’s the highest resolution headset on the market and can even walk around a space that’s 4.5×4.5m big with it’s room scale feature. But of course you’ll need a pretty high-tech PC to run this piece of kit.


Sony Playstation


Most gaming VR headsets need a pretty tech PC to work, but the Sony Playstation VR is much more accessible to your everyday gamer as you don’t need much more than the Playstation 4 to get up and running. Argued as one of the most accessible headsets in the market, the headset is affordable, reliable and responsive, without compromising on quality.


Samsung Gear


Powered by technology from Oculus, you know the Samsung Gear is gonna be good, but of course the visual experience will depend on the tech you use with it. With a 101° viewing angle and darkened tint to reduce glare and reflections, it’s got everything a basic VR headset needs, but you’ll just need a compatible phone or tablet to clip in…