video premiere lt wade | as the sky fills up everywhere

Former FURS man LT Wade released his debut solo album Transient back in July, with the LP being inspired by his time working on the record in London, San Francisco and NYC, we’ve got the video premiere for track ‘As The Sky Fills Up Everywhere’. As Wade explains, the song “is a dreamy look back at being a young kid and all the mischievous things you get up to. Care free living, no responsibilities. It takes me back to summer holidays from school and heading out all day only coming back to eat and sleep then waking up and heading out to do it all over again. Rachel Morgan the director has made a beautiful visual to accompany that narrative perfectly. Brandi the lead is at her own birthday party when her mind starts to wander and she is dreaming about all the fun things she could be doing out in the abandoned car grave yard and forest surrounding her home. It’s so beautifully shot and directed by Rachel. It’s my favourite video that my music has ever been put to.” Give it a watch below.

Transient is out now