So you’ve signed up to Veganuary. You’ve bought the tofu, you’ve stocked up on cruelty-free beauty products, you’re working your way through London’s plant-based specials, but what about your wardrobe? Well, funny you should ask. We’ve rounded up some of our fave vegan fashion brands in the biz so whether it’s Veganuary, January or any other month of the year, you can look fly and do good…


The Nanushka team is all about sustainability, even going as far as to produce their own signature alt-leather, OKOBOR™. The completely vegan leather is made with polyurethane and recycled polyester, which is an improvement on typical ‘vegan’ leather substitutes that are made with newly produced plastics and lead to all manners of negative side effects.


Stay Wild’s swimwear has been designed with the protection of the sea and marine life in mind. Not only are their pieces made with regenerated nylon (diverting nylon waste) and other sustainable materials, but they have a circularity project so you can send them your worn-out swimwear from any brand, they’ll recycle it and you’ll get 10% off your next order.


London born LØCI takes the vegan sneaker a step further than the rest(see what we did there). They’re made from a super durable material crafted from recycled ocean plastic, produced in controlled quantities to prevent surplus supply AND donate 10% of all profits to protecting the planet. That’s what you call wholesome.


Founded by Londoner Lucy Watson, RENUE is all about making sustainable underwear sexy. Yes, it can be done people. These vegan friendly intimates are super chic, mega comfy and made from materials that can themselves be reused, regenerated and renewed. Plus they come in a great inclusive range of sizes. WOOP.


WAWWA is putting the planet and its people before profit, which means not only is everything entirely vegan, but organic, fairtrade and planet friendly too. From sweats to tees to jackets, they’ve got your entire wardrobe covered.


HVISK (we dunno how you pronounce it either), are sorting out all your vegan bag needs. Whether it’s a colourful croc-print strap bag you’re looking for or a quilted number, there’s an epic collection to choose from.

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective use recycled materials like plastic bottles and fishing nets to create hella comfy and chic activewear, undies, jackets and tees. They also provide the deets on just how sustainable each piece is. Talk about transparency ‘eh…


If it’s a puffer jacket you’re after, nowhere does it quite like Artizia. Made with an 100% vegan filling (Canada Goose who?!), it’ll keep you super warm whilst looking super cool. We’re also big fans of their vegan leather pieces too.