vegan beauty is all the rage

Just like clean eating, clean beauty is all the rage right now. Not only does it makes sense to be just as aware of what you put on your face as what you put inside your body, these products keep you looking good all whilst being kind to you, to animals and to the environment. Here are five of our fave vegan beauties out there right now…

Nail Varnish | Soigné

As well as coming a beaut range of colours, Soigné nail varnishes contain up to 85% plant-sourced ingredients, so they keep your nails looking pretty and healthy.

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Oxygenating Foundation | Oxygenetix

Flawless coverage that’s water resistant and lets your skin breathe at the same time? We’re in. Oh and it’s beloved by dermatologists, celebs and make-up artists so it must be good.

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Satin Deep | The English Mineral Makeup Company

This highly pigmented little powder works whether you want to add a subtle shimmer or go for a full-on contour, and their Kabuki brush ensures you get it right time.

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Mascara | Odylique

Not only does this mascara define your lashes, it looks after them too thanks to all the plant extracts like sea buckthorn fruit, aloe vera and calendula.

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Lipstick | NEEK Skin Organics

These Aussie lippies are 100% natural…yes that means the colours, from cocoa brown to fuchsia pink are too…and they stay put on your pout for hours.

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