We caught up with Lilly Sabri, the YouTube fitness sensation known for her high energy, good vibes, and at-home-workouts. During 2020 Lilly’s online following rose from 30,000 to 4 million, leading to the launch of her own app, where subscribers can access workouts, healthy recipes and now her own line of health-based supplements. We talk motivation, morning routine, and favourite London spots.

Lilly, thanks for joining us from sunny LA, we’re jealous! Can you start by summing up your approach to fitness?

My granny used to always say to me, ‘your health is your wealth’, and I think that has really stuck with me. I genuinely see fitness as a way to increase my happiness and have a better quality of life.

Who is “Lean with Lilly” for?

We’re a very ‘arms open’ open community in terms of age range and ability – the app is all about helping people feel energized and have a better quality of life. All of the workouts have modifications to cater for injuries and ability levels. I’m there with you every step of the way in your living room, bringing technical guidance, motivation and energy with every workout.

Where does your motivation come from?

I am fiercely competitive with myself. It’s always been that way – as a teenager I was a competitive swimmer and always on some kind of scholarship for running or athletics. The older I get I sometimes find it harder to stay motivated! So now, if I’m ever feeling low, I think about who is on the other side of the screen and what they are getting from my workouts. Now I want to be stronger, faster and better for my community of followers.

What is your morning routine?

We’ve turned the apartment into a YouTube studio, so I’m a walking, talking, eating, filming machine!  To give me plenty of energy, I start with a blended protein shake of coffee, frozen banana, peanut butter and vanilla protein from my own range. Then I check the schedule for the day, train myself first and then get filming. I’ll have breakfast later.

What is in your gym bag and what music keeps you going?

Headphones! I cannot workout without music. Elizabth Arden lip balm is my current obsession so there’s always one of those in there. A spare pair of socks, a sweat towel, mat and always a resistance band. I love working out to BTS! Their music is so high energy and infectious, it’s hard not to sing along.

Do you have a go-to gym in London?

I’m very much a home gym person, but when I was in London I preferred going to classes rather than using the gym. I love that extra boost of motivation and energy. I used to go to Kobox a lot.

What are your favourite London spots?

I love wandering off the beaten track and finding hidden gems in London! Healthy food is so accessible there too, so an ideal day would be going to Daisy Green Café and then later having a long walk along the river in Richmond.

Final words for us to live by?

It’s never too late to start your fitness journey, just find a community that you feel supported by, whether that’s online or real life and take it from there.

And there you have it, insight into a true force in the fitness industry. Find out more about Lily here.