Relax and unwind, Japanese-style, at the OSU Onsen in Beckenham Place Park Lake, the first onsen experience open to the public in the UK. Onsens are formed on natural springs and bathing in them is a popular pastime in Japan, and now two wooden tubs filled with mineral-rich water heated to 25 degrees will be landing in South London for you to take a dip in. As well as soaking in the tub and enjoying the views of the lake, you can also sip on OSU apple cider vinegar mocktails and sodas to give your insides a bit of TLC too, and if you’re brave enough there are morning sessions where you can go nude just the way they do it Japan. Best of all, it’s totally FREE so get booking if you want to go bathing.

Fri 13th & Sat 14th August 2021
Beckenham Place Park Swimming Lake, Beckenham Hill Road, Beckenham, BR3 5BS