The gambling industry in the UK is a huge sector and has been steadily increasing in revenue for several years. Figures from Statista show a GGY (Gross Gambling Yield) of £8.4 billion in 2011. Between October 2018 and September 2019, the UK Gambling Commission reported market value of £14.2 billion.

Online gambling holds the largest market share, with 38.6% of total revenue. This is comprised of a mixture of online sports wagering, bingo, casino table games and slots machines. With more games now available online, player numbers are increasing. By far the most popular form of online gambling among the British public is on slots machines, which alone account for 69.3% of the GGY for online gambling.

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Gambling Demographics

Over a fifth of adults in the UK enjoy some form of gambling. Young people are the most active, with 23.1% of people in the 25-35 age bracket gambling online at least once a month. Older people are the second-most active, with 22.7% of the 55-64 age group gambling monthly, followed by 22% of those aged between 35 and 54.

Slots games account for more than two-thirds of total online gambling activity. Roulette is the second-most popular game, with 13.5% of total gambling revenue attributed to spinning the wheel, followed by blackjack at 6.1%. When it comes to sports wagering, the most popular sports for betting on are horse racing and football, followed by boxing, tennis and golf.

The Growth of Mobile

One of the key reasons behind the increase in gambling activity in the UK is the growth of mobile. Those who want to play real-money games in the past had to physically leave the house and visit a casino. Once casino games went online, people began to enjoy playing from the comfort of their own homes. However, it was when casino games went mobile that they really began to pique the public interest. 

With casino apps available on smartphones, almost everyone in the UK can now access their favourite games from wherever they happen to be, at any time of day or night. Slots in particular work well for mobile play, as they are fast, fun and affordable. Many enjoy the thrill of spinning the reels throughout the day, indulging in the excitement of a potential financial win whilst waiting for a takeaway coffee or sitting on the morning commute.

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The growth of mobile phone gaming has helped the gambling sector grow.

Promotions and Bonuses

As the online casino industry has expanded exponentially in the UK, the level of competition between providers has increased. This is good news for players, who can often access multiple bonuses and promotions from each provider designed to draw in new customers. Most websites and apps also offer loyalty bonuses to reward those regular players who keep returning to the same site time and again. Wink slots online for example, offer 30 free spins to entice new payers before they even have to make a deposit.

With free spins, deposit match bonuses, rewards points and more, online slots players can find themselves accessing myriad free games while only making small deposits. The thrill of winning is increased when players manage to win cash prizes from games they did not even pay for in the first place!

Freedom of Choice

The level of choice for online slots games is phenomenal. Each individual website will often host hundreds of variations to choose from, ranging from small deposit / small prize games to progressive jackpots that offer the opportunity to potentially win huge prizes with just a small stake.

The UK’s favourite slots games Age of the Gods from Playtech, which offers one of the most exciting win potentials of 10,000 times the original stake; Immortal Romance from Microgaming, where players can advance through league tables and collect additional objective bonuses alongside potential cash prizes; and Mega Fortune from NetEnts, which is a five-reel slots game linked to no less than three progressive jackpots.

Fast Payouts

One of the thrills of playing slots in a brick and mortar casino is hearing the money come jangling down into the payout box at each win. This immediate pay-out feature is one of the reasons people are so drawn to slots, so software developers recreate this with fast pay-outs for online wins. Players see their winnings hit their account immediately, increasing their bankroll for cashing out or for playing more games. 

Players who do not like to wait will also appreciate the fact that there is never a queue for their favourite slots game online, while in their favourite brick and mortar venue there is no guarantee their favoured machine will be free when they want to play.

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Slot games are popular as they bring fast pay-outs to players.

Easy and Secure 

Physical slots machines in the UK are still hugely popular. The Gambling Commission found that the nation’s 181,309 gaming machines were responsible for 19.1% of the GGY between April 2017 and March 2018. Online, players can enjoy the same exciting graphics, immersive sound effects and chances to win – but immediately and without having to physically visit a venue to be able to play. 

Reputable online casinos today offer players a range of secure payment options that turn making a deposit into a walk in the park. With the added security on top of the convenience, choice, speed and vast array of enticing bonuses, it is easy to see why online slots dominates the UK’s online gambling sector the way it does.