Many students prefer writing essays to research because it is an exciting task. There are different types of essays, but choosing what suits your topic is the first step to success. The length and formats of each essay vary depending on the topic and the style used. 

Even though most students have a broad mastery of content, they often fail to write useful articles because they are not conversant with the formats. Read through to get an insight into the different types of essays. 

Expository essays

It is an essay format that allows you to divide content into different sections or topics like introduction, content, effects and analysis. It identifies the process followed to achieve a specific goal. Expository essays are written with a step by step guide to active something. They often answer the question ‘how.’ 

When writing the procedure followed to achieve something, this is the most practical email format to use. If you are given the assignment to write the process followed to amend the US constitution, expository essays come in handy. 

To avoid contradictions and keep the flow of the essay, the events must follow each other in their natural order. You cannot pick process number 10 and place it as process five and expect good results. In essence, to write a good expository essay, you should first note down the process on paper. 

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Descriptive essays

Descriptive essays often answer the question ‘which.’ As the name suggests, descriptive essays are written to describe the origin, existence and functionality of living or non-living things. You can use step by step description to write a descriptive essay. An excellent descriptive essay should be written with numerous adjectives to support the noun being described. 

You should visualize the item such that when the reader reads the content, the imaginative questions are solved. It should leave readers feeling knowledgeable about the item being described. 

Narrative essays

Narrative essays are often written in the form of stories. They should be fascinating because a considerable number of consumers of such content are the kids and historians. 

Narrative essays are mostly written in the past tense, and the narrator can include his taught when writing these essays. They are primarily written out of mind because the writer is at liberty to note what he saw. 

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Compare and contrast essays

To compare products, you should analyze the similarities and differences of items. Similarly, compare and contrast essays are descriptive. The student should mention the differences and similarities of the item in question when writing such essays. Compare and contrast essays are connected using conjunctions to keep the flow and connect distinguishing and comparison points. 

If you are an economic student and the lecturer asks you to compare Asian economy with American economy, compare and contrast essays is the best format to use. Learners should highlight the differences and similarities clearly to minimize confusion. 

Persuasive essays 

They are also called argumentative essays. When writing about a new vaccine that is unpopular but effective in preventing some infections, you should know this format. It has to be written in a very persuasive model to instill sense to the readers. 

The essay should include legit statistics that can help readers to change their stand or perception about something. The factual stats defend the theses of the essay. Persuasive essays are more challenging to write compared to other essays because of the language used and the statistics that must be incorporated. 

Cultural identity essays

The native identity essays are not very common but are used in some first world countries like the USA to help students appreciate the different cultural heritages. Cultural identity essays faced a lot of opposition from some quarters of lectures because it sounds tribal but. However, cultural identity essays have helped Native American students understand how their international peers live. 

When writing a cultural identity essay, you must include all the cultural factors like religion, language, traditions, and customs, to mention a few. A majority of students often mistake cultural essays for individual essays! 

Unlike individual essays, cultural essays are about communities, clans, country and other cumulative groups. You must conduct an indebt research on the history of your assigned group before writing the essay. 

Informative essays

These are the most commons essays used by several students and researchers daily. It is arguable that all essays are informative but to typically informative essays. A properly written formative essay supports the topic with facts and indebts explanations. 

You should use unique terms and graphs where possible to support the topic being studied. When writing informative essays, you must first conduct serious research and outline the points you want to discuss. This will guide your writing and provide a much-needed flow. 


You should choose the type of essay to use depending on the topic and target of the academic writing task. Be very careful when choosing the best format to avoid getting restricted by the format you use. However, regardless of the style you use, keep the content relevant. 

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