turn up the heat with hotpod yoga

Want to switch up your yoga practice but don’t quite know how? Hotpod Yoga is the way to go. Founded by former teacher and former management consultant Nick Higgins and Max Henderson in 2013, Hotpod Yoga is all about yoga for real life…that means it’s suitable for everyone and works in the way that you want it to. Using custom inflatable pods rather than studios, Hotpod offers hot (obvs) flow classes at 37 degrees, which is not quite as hot as bikram but defo still hot enough to get a sweat on. The heat combined with the dim lights and downtempo music makes you feel like you’re in a lovely little cocoon; you’re still working the body but it’s relaxing at the same time, which is just how we like our yoga. With three London locations – Brixton, Notting Hill and Hackney – plus portable pods that can be set up anywhere, from music festivals to ski slopes, you’re never too far away from a class either.