try this non-alcoholic cocktail

January is a hard month. A lot of us have new found motivation to try harder at things, like being a little healthier and give up the booze for Dry January. It’s something we will be attempting ourselves, attempting being the keyword. So we are here to help you, you can still have plenty of fun and damn tasty non-alcoholic cocktails, just like this one. The Mr Howard cocktail is named after Stewart Howard, one of the first people in the world to serve Seedlip (a non-alcoholic spirit). This is super easy to make, takes no time at all and tastes great. Give it a whirl and but sure that it’s a win on your Dry January run, tag us in your mocktails with ‘lotilovescocktails’ and you might even appear on our feed.

What You Need

Seedlip Spice 94, 50ml
Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice, 2 tbsp
Fresh Lemon Juice,20ml
Sugar Syrup, 1 tbsp
Cubed Ice
Star Anise, to garnish
Glass: Coupe

What You Do

Add Spice 94, grapefruit juice, lemon juice & sugar syrup to a shaker with ice
Shake for 30 seconds
Double strain into a coupe glass

For more non-alcoholic cocktail recipes, check out the Seedlip Cocktail Book here.

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