We’re now sadly heading into the colder winter months, where you need to wrap up warm, put on a jumper and wear thick wooly socks. It’s a time when folks are more likely to choose to stay curled up nice and cozy at home, often with only their TV, computer, mobile, food, and pets for company. If that sounds a lot like you, have you ever thought about ways to make your winter nights more fun? Like setting up bingo rooms across your home and then having some friends over, for example? Let’s look at some of the cool ways you can play bingo at home on a night in, either solo, or with friends.

Play online

Whether you’re opting for a mobile or desktop version, Borgata Online has a wide range of exciting bingo games at your fingertips:

  • Berry Burst
  • EggOMatic
  • Ancient Thunder Keno
  • Prairie Thunder Keno
  • Queen of the Castle
  • Chain Beat
  • Fruit Spin
  • Fruit Case 

Playing online is super fun and convenient. You can even make an event of it by creating a theme night and inviting some of your friends over for company. Because you’ll be playing bingo online, keep the theme of an online casino. Each friend then picks a bingo game and sees who ends up with the most winnings at the end of the night. That should make for a competitive night!

Set up a bingo party

The upcoming festive holidays are an ideal time to host a bingo party with a Christmas theme. Ask your guests to dress up in something Christmas-y, then decorate your home with Christmas decorations to get everyone in the mood. Next up, download free bingo games and templates online. You can find ones suited to your theme. Then once everyone arrives, hand out the bingo cards with markers and have tons of fun.  

Bingo board game

Look, we didn’t know bingo board games existed either, but apparently they do! Here are just a few of them:

  • Traditions Bingo Game: As the name suggests, this one is completely traditional and comes with 16 bingo cards, markers, a spinner, a bingo board, and instructions. 
  • Social Bingo: This one is going to get your guests talking! Based on social media, each player gets a turn to read out bingo cards with statements. If any player has an icon matching the statement, you mark this off your bingo card. The bingo cards are also in the shape of a cell phone. 
  • Quiz Bingo: This isn’t your average bingo, but it promises to be a whole lot of fun, and you’re going to need to put your thinking caps on. With Quiz Bingo, every time a question is asked you write your answer on your bingo grid card. You record your answers just like you would when playing traditional bingo. 

Create your own game

Picture this: it’s a snowy day, you can’t go anywhere, you have enough food and snacks, your dog or cat is with you, and so is your partner. Now you need something to keep everyone entertained until you can head outside again. Now here is where you can come up with your own game of bingo by following our step-by-step guide:

  • Bingo cards: If you have the time to get creative you can make your own from scratch. Use image tools such as Canva and draw a bingo card or generate one. It can be basic or themed; this is up to you. If you’re short of time, opt for bingo card generators. For the most part, the generators let you choose exactly how you want them to look. 
  • Bingo balls: This could be tricky, but if you’re into arts and crafts, why not give it a go? Here’s how. Grab a few pieces of paper, wet them slightly, then roll them into balls. Paint them using your favorite color, and allow them to dry.
  • Spinner: A rice strainer is a simple household item that could work as a bingo spinner. Once your bingo balls are dry, add them to the rice strainer. Then glue another rice strainer on top of the first one. Wait for the glue to dry, then drill a hole big enough for your bingo balls, and viola, you have your bingo ball spinner! Simply shake your makeshift spinner and drop a ball when needed.