The Four Legs Team Is Opening a Fish Bar in Finsbury Park

It’ll be joining the pair’s beloved boozer The Plimsoll in N4

Ed McIlroy and Jamie Allan, aka Four Legs, aka founders of The Plimsoll pub in Finsbury Park and creators of possibly the best burger in London, are expanding their presence in north London with a new seafood spot on Tollington Park. Tollington’s, opening on the site of an old chippie of the same name, will be a homage to its former resident but with an Iberian twist.

The old tiling, Formica and original chip fryers are staying put but the new Tollington’s will take inspo from the pair’s time spent in Spain and its relaxed dining culture. That means a regularly changing menu featuring cured, fresh and fried seafood dishes with some cuts of meat thrown in for the carnivores, and beer, wine, cider, port and Spanish vermouth all available by the glass.

With a front bar available for walk-ins and standing punters and a seated dining room at the back, Tollington’s will work for all occasions, whether you wanna drop in for a quick drink and a bite or order up a bunch of large plates for a big feast.

Opens June 2024
172 Tollington Park, London N4 3AJ