Calling all carnivores, a famed Tokyo steakhouse is opening its first location outside of Japan in London

Aragawa is really raising the steaks when it comes to beef – the restaurant has been serving real deal Kobe beef sourced from Tajima and cooked over Binchotan charcoal for 50 years. Now the restaurant’s founder Kotaro, Head Chef Fumiya Kase and ‘steak master’ Kazuo Imayosh are bringing that Tajima beef (which has to be raised and aged according to very strict criteria) to London for the first time.

At Aragawa the beef is cooked over Binchotan charcoal in a specially built kiln, seasoned with just salt & pepper and then served with seasonal ingredients to really let the quality of the meat shine through. We don’t have many other menu details yet but let’s be honest, it’s the steaks you want (and we expect you’ll pay top whack for them too).

The Mayfair restaurant will also look the part, drawing inpso from traditional Japanese design with hand-painted panels, orange and gold blossoming tree motifs, a pendant motif based on Japanese lanterns, and a wraparound wine wall featuring 1000 bottles. That means the wine list will be extensive with plenty of grand cru wines from Bordeaux, Bourgogne and Champagne to go with those steaks.

Opens October 2023
38 Clarges Street, London W1J 7EN