Brick Lane is getting a brand new cocktail bar in the form of Tincture, opening underneath Neil Rankin’s Simplicity Burger. Founded by mixologist Carl Brown (who developed the drinks for Dishoom), Tincture will focus on plant-based, sustainable and zero-waste drinks, both boozy and alcohol-free. The bevs are centred around four seasonal tinctures, the first batch are pear, cinnamon, blackberry and parsnip.

The Modern Apothecary menu, the boozy one, features drinks like the Black (blackberry tincture, pink pepper gin, blackberry paint, bitter lemon) and the Nips (parsnip tincture, plantation rum, apple, bitters). The non-alcoholic menu, The Alternative Speakeasy, includes cocktails made with Crossip, Carl’s own texture invention, such as the Sazerac (Crossip Fresh and orange) and the Berries (blackberry puree, blackberry paint, bitter lemon). Because the drinks are all based around the same seasonal flavours they all complement each other, so you can hop on and off the wagon with ease.

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Opens Fri 7th February 2020
202 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA