Something wicked is coming as Thorpe Park celebrates it’s fifteenth year of scaring the pants off people. That’s right, from the 7th of October, guest can get warmed up for Halloween with the theme park’s Fright Night mazes. As well as the usual attractions, new for this year is Platform 15, Thorpe Park’s largest ever maze, where you will be on a mission to search for the missing Sleeper Locomotive and with an abandoned forest, jumpscares and zombies, it all sounds pretty terrifying. On top of that, the Blair Witch maze has been given a new face and the Big Top maze is also back, with added clowns. We think this is going to be a birthday party where no one will want to blow out the candles… in fact, let’s keep all the lights on, shall we?

Fri 7th October – Sun 31st October 2016
Thorpe Park, Staines Road, Chertsey,  KT16 8PN