It’s the cult cookware everyone has or desperately wants, the Always Pan has been making the rounds on social media – you’ve def seen it on your feed – and the hype is justified. It’s designed to be the only pan you’ll ever need, replacing eight pieces of cookware and making it a powerhouse addition to your kitchen that you can use to braise, sear, steam, strain, saute, fry, boil, serve, and store food (basically, do it all). And, of course, it helps that it’s also very cute, coming in a range of pastel colours with a matte finish. That’ll look a lot nicer than the frying pan you got from Tesco in 2015.

The pan is made with a completely non-toxic and non-stick ceramic coating that’s super effective and comes with some helpful add ons including a beechwood spatula (and matching spatula rest), a stainless steel steamer basket and a modular lid. It’s also nicely roomy, but if you’re cooking up something bigger, Our Place has brought out the Perfect Pot too. Like its sister pan, the pot is non-stick, comes in a range of colours and with accessories including a built-in strainer, beechwood spoon and roasting rack that doubles as a steamer. Watch out MasterChef.