Let’s face it. We have all had to be a tourist in London at one point. Maybe you are thinking of heading back down there again but when you had flashbacks of the costs, you immediately tried to convince yourself out of it. London is one of those cities that is a hotspot for life and socialisation, it is alluring, there is no doubt about that. But sometimes, that lifestyle just does not budge with the contents of our wallets and bank accounts. Yet, what if we told you that you would not need to spend any money at some main attractions; that you could tag along and hang out, without spending a penny? You would think we were lying, but we are not. In fact, London has some gems within its nooks and crannies that all you would need is your oyster card for commuting and you are good to go! Listen closely, and get these locations dotted down. Looks like London is happening after all!

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Discover London’s Markets

You may have not thought of this before, but London has a huge arrangement of markets that you can visit and experience, many of which do give you free samples to taste and try, if you are cheeky enough to ask for some! Just make sure you get into the habit of saying ‘“thank you, i will definitely come back later to buy some”. That will definitely work. But let us, let you in on a little secret. If you happen to go at a certain time outside of the peak hours when tourists visit, you will be able to get more than a sample to take away for free! Markets like the Borough Market and Covent Market tend to do this, to get the sales flying and going before peak lunch hours on food for example. It’s the best form of marketing really (and cheap too). 

If, however, you are not so keen on asking for freebies, you can always just go for a mooch with friends and discover the world of retail outside of the corporate world. A nice little London cultural fix we would say.

God’s Own Junkyard 

This spot is yet again, another tourist attraction that you may be interested in venturing too. The site is filled with insane neon colours and stage props that are illuminated to light up Soho. While it’s a place to buy neon lights, It gives you quite the wanderlust feeling in itself, just by being there and roaming the urban streets under funky lights. In addition to this, if you are into design and interiors, it is a huge wake up call to shake and spice up your design ideas. It most certainly will inspire you. Best thing yet is, there are many funky cafes that are located just across the street, should you wish to grab a quick espresso and mull things over. Watch the lights and magic unfold, right in front of your eyes.

Sunrise Yoga and Mediation 

Free yoga, while embracing the sunset from a roof-top, sounds good? Yogarise offer classes within Covent Garden for free. This community class occurs weekly and is open for small donations, should you wish to make a contribution. All you need to do is make sure that you sign up and book a place online. It is on a first come, first serve basis and many a times the classes will be booked up weeks in advance. However, if you plan your trip carefully, you will be able to catch a class for sure. 

The meditation is another separate event that occurs at sunrise, if you are wanting something to allow you to connect with yourself, amongst the chaos and urban life, that is London. All you need to do is make sure that you book a spot!

British Library 

This location is one for the literary enthusiasts out there. Yes, we know it is The British Library that people go to, to study and work in silence. Yet, did you know that there are many artefacts within this library, that will allow you to take a trip down the roads of history and the past. Before you are granted entry, you will need to give out some personal information about yourself online, and book within the scheduled tours, however this is all for the protection of the historical pieces that they guard lovingly. You will be able to see a collection of handwritten Shakespeare’s work, the Magna Carta and some of the great Michelangelo’s illustrations that date back half a century ago. All of this enlightenment for absolutely nothing. We call this an educational day worth having, if we say so ourselves.

Feed the Farm

If you like your animals, this will be another great thing for you to do in a group together. London surprisingly does have some farms that are tucked far away from city life. Here You will be able to really engage with the animals and get hands-on with the horses and goats on the farm. Be it a small petting or much larger, by helping the farmer feed his animals, you will be able to sit back and just be one with nature. Usually there are group activities for larger parties which do cost money, however if you turn up outside of these hours, you will be able to enjoy some interaction for absolutely nothing. There are also cafes which you can take a minute out and get a quick bite to eat and recuperate, however those are not free, but also not exactly breaking the bank either right? Make sure to check out the Spitalfields City Farm the next time you are down in London.

Lunchtime Concerts at St Martin-in-the-Fields 

This is a secret that not many actually know of. The church of St Martin, actually offers free lunchtime concerts to those that wish to take a visit inside the church. Not only will you be able to marvel at the architecture from the ceilings to the baroque windows, you can just sit down and take out some time to relax and recuperate from the heavy and buzzing life that can be draining at times. This usually occurs a couple times a week, but just a warning, you will need to get there fast if you want entrance, as it fills up pretty quickly otherwise. This free concert gives you the chance to watch many talented musicians and singers take the stage and serenade you, for nothing but a free hour of your time!