If your gym or studio is closed it doesn’t mean you have to miss your fave class, not when you’ve got internet access. As well as fitness apps and workouts specifically designed to be done at home, many gyms have started offering online workouts, either pre-recorded for you to access at any time or live on Instagram Stories. So clear a space in your front room and get ready to sweat.
Popfit brings Dance to London Fields


Created by Royal Ballet-trained dancer Stephanie Burrows, POPfit combines pilates, plyometrics, yoga and dance into routines set to loud pop music, so you get the best bits of each of these disciplines and you get to have a laugh too. The London Fields studio is now closed but you can stream workouts online, including Barre, Ass & Abs, Signature, and HIIT & Bounce (you need a mini trampoline for the last one). You can even sync up playlists by following POPfit on Spotify and selecting the right one for the video. There’s a free trial option and then it’s £15 a month for a subscription.


Barry’s is the OG when it comes to HIIT workouts. Loved by celebs and fitness fanatics from LA to London, you can burn up to 1000 calories in a class (believe us, they make you work HARD) and each day there’s a different focus, so you can target specific muscle groups or go in for a full body workout. You may not be able to get on the treadmills in the red-tinted studios but Barry’s is streaming multiple live classes on Instagram – they’re 30 minutes long, they target different areas on the body, and they’re free.



Psycle is best known for being a spin studio but it’s always had a programme of classes, like barre, strength and yoga, that don’t involve the bikes. And these are the ones you can now stream at home thanks to Instagram. You can join in classes live or access them whenever you like on IGTV. There’s lots to get you started, from a 15-minute Booty Blast to a 45-minute Revival Yoga session, and it’s all free.


At Your Beat

If dancing is your fave form of exercise, then you need to know about At Your Beat. The company is all about making dance fun and inclusive, whether you’re doing a HIIT-inspired class or learning some music video choreography. And now they’ve launched #AtYourGaff – a catalogue of online classes to choose from, with private sessions, single credits and packages available to purchase, with each class you book available for 24 hours so you can fit them around your schedule.


You can’t join them for a Ride but you can still do 1Rebel’s Reshape class at home as the boutique fitness studio has started streaming live on Instagram. Obvs you won’t be able to get on the treadmills but you can still get a good workout in with full bodyweight sessions led by a range of different instructors, multiple times a day. Just join in on IG Live for free.



Barrecore is probably the premier barre studio in town, thanks to its signature method of interval training applied to each major muscle group. And now they’ve gone online with both on-demand classes (with a two-week free trial) so you can workout when it suits you, and live classes (with a first class free trial) so you can replicate that group workout sesh.