Following the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in February of this year, an appalling act by Russian president Vladimir Putin, many fundraising efforts have set out to support the civilians whose lives it has shattered. One of which came in a particularly odd form – a butt plug. Created by a duo under the synonym ‘Chat Shit Get Banged’, the original ‘Vladimir Put-in Talking Buttplug’ was a fundraising NFT designed as a message of defiance against Putin – as they put in on their Insta (re: Putin’s national address on February 24th) “what a load of sh*t”. 

Now, eight months into the ongoing invasion, the duo is fundraising once again with a range of limited edition 3D silicone and jesmonite butt plugs designed in partnership with various artists. The collection includes one resembling a poisonous toadstool by graphic designer Pâté, a comment on toxic masculinity, and one that comes severed, skewered and with a Chanel embellishment by Swiss artist Andrea Hasler. The satirical sex toys will be up as prizes in a raffle (available here), with £5 getting you two tickets for the generic butt plug raffle and £10 getting you two tickets for the artist collaborations. And 100% of the proceeds will go towards

Though there’s clearly humour in the design, the team behind the butt plugs assures, “we take this topic very seriously and are deeply saddened and disturbed by the events taking place and the horrifying impact on Ukrainians and Russians alike. We want to make clear that our aim is not to make light of the situation – but in these dark times spread a message of defiance against oppression, and fundraise financial aid to those who need it.”

Fri 7th October – Fri 4th November 2022