London’s not short of markets and food halls but that hasn’t stopped The YBFs from teaming up with hospitality group rhubarb to open The Market inside the (still to be completed) 22 Bishopsgate building. The communal parts of the second floor of the workspace will be taken up by The Market and at 20,000 sqft, this is no small operation.

Designed as a modern spin on the historic guilds of London, nodding to the heritage of artisans, community and trading of the City, The Market will feature a restaurant and terrace, a wine bar, street food-style kiosks and pop-ups, and an events space. The YBFs, known for picking out the future stars of the industry, will be curating the selection of traders and operators for the kiosk part of The Market, with rhubarb managing the rest of the space.

It’ll only be accessible to those who work in 22 Bishopsgate during the day but outside business hours and on weekends, it’ll open up to the public so we can all get in on the action. With the building not due to open until 2020 there’s still a fair bit of time to wait but we’ll bring you updates on traders and opening dates when we have them.

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Opens 2020
22 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4BQ