Think cruise ships are just for old biddies? Think again as Storylines is creating a whole new type of ship – not only will it be the greenest in the world thanks to its LNG fuel, it’ll also be the world’s first residential community-at-sea. Yes you can own your own unit on board and cruise around the world as you please, going from the Caribbean to Sweden and everywhere in between. The ship spends 3-5 days in each port on the journey and you can get involved with curated experiences in each destination as well extra onboard experiences inspired by the stops.

As well as 627 fully furnished units across a range of sizes from 237 sqft to two-floor penthouses, the Storylines ship also has a water-level guest marina, a micro-brewery, art studio, a cinema, a hydroponic farm and over 20 restaurants. All that doesn’t come cheap though – you’re looking at an entry point of over $350,000 with those penthouse suites coming in at a cool $8 mil. You can rent out your units when you’re not onboard though so you’re bound to make some of that money back, right!?

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Debuts 2023